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  • 20th July
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Beautiful Disaster

       We are - disaster at its finest.
Breath held, in the corners of lungs
  that cannot reach the ribs that protect them
     for fear that they may burst
        and hearts that surge and contract.
     with life and love and hatred and death
   and holding onto hope
       though relief, may never come
            but hope continues despite the truth
        that dangles in our face everyday.
  Heartstrings - tugged in a million directions
         between past and present and future
      whether strings are meant to be tied
                or tangled
                       or severed
                              but holding on
  because that is the only thing that feels right.
              We press on
        hands and hearts grasped tightly
                                    despite the pain
                        and the tears that are endured
                             and the heartbreak felt
                                  and the darkness lurking
    because light prevails
          and light is sought in darkness
                    and within the heart of us
            lies a light that begs to shine
       and be let free
               a light desperate to be nurtured
                    - to grow into the life that we want
                       - to treasure and hold and keep forever
         and with that…
                 How can I let go.
                How can you let go?
                   How can we let go?
  When hands and heart hold on so tight…
       how can you let go...
 when all you want is to be tucked in with the light at night.

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